How to Enable or Disable a Product Category

The following instructions explain how to enable or disable an existing product category in your Magento 2 store.  Sometimes, it may be necessary to turn off (disable) a product category that you no longer wish to have displayed on your web store.  Or, perhaps the category offers seasonal products, or products that are being grouped in a non-permanent category for promotional reasons.  Conversely, a newly created category or a previously disabled one may need to be turned on (enabled) so it can be seen on your web store.  The following procedure will accomplish that task.

1. Log into Magento

2. From the dashboard, click on Catalog on the left-hand sidebar

3. Then select Categories

4. In the upper left-hand area of the page, under the Default Category page title, locate the ‘Store View’ heading and click on the down arrow to select the desired store view option.

Typically, you will see ‘All Store Views’ before clicking on the down arrow. After selecting the desired store view, the store view selected should now display beside the ‘Store View’ heading, and category lists for that store view will be displayed. Always change the store view when making changes in case the category value is not set to ‘Use Default Value’.

5. On the left-hand side of the page, expand the Default Category, then expand the Products sub-category, and look through the additional sub-categories to see which one you are looking for, expanding any sub-categories necessary to locate the one you want.

6. Once you have located the sub-category you want, click on it once to highlight the item. You will see the name of the category in the upper left-hand side of the page once it has loaded.

7. To turn off (or turn on) the category, click on the ‘Enable Category’ setting to Yes (to turn it on) or to No (to turn it off).

8. Then click the orange ‘Save’ button in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

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