Acctivate Product Information

Below is a series of screenshots from the Acctivate product window with notes about how the Customer Portal works with product information.

The areas highlighted in RED indicate something that is not support in the Customer Portal. If you have concerns about any of these items affecting your operations, please contact us to discuss it. We can often customize a portal to meet your specific needs for an additional charge. (Note: These notes apply only to customer facing information. If you the Rep portal also, refer to the Rep Poral user guide for more information.

The areas highlighted in GREEN indicate something that has special purpose in the Customer Portal. Contact us if you have any questions.

Product Details and Inventory

  • The Product ID field is the key identifying field for each product in the Portal.
  • The Available column in the Inventory tab is used for stock availability in the Portal. You can show these numbers to your customer OR you can set up Stock Messages that display depending on the Available quantity at any time.
  • The Warehouse codes are used to let you specify which warehouses you want to pull the Available quantities from for use in the portal.

The portal does not manage multiple warehouses. Once you select which warehouses to pull the Available quantities from, the portal considers only the total Available

Product Prices

Substitutions (Not used in Portal)

Vendors (Not Used in Portal)

History (Not Used in Portal)

Transactions (Not Used in Portal)


The popup fields are not used for any features in the Portal, but you could choose to display these fields in the Product Details Window if the information is pertinent to customers.


The External Document field is a great way to link a product to your main website if you have more detailed product information available.

Notes (Not Used in Portal)

Activities (Not Used in Portal)


Custom fields are great to use to add additional information to the portal!

Alt IDs (Not Used in Portal)

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